When bringing up a child, the right music to fill their little days is essential. I have a pretty vast music collection, and knowing that one day most of it will go do Vampbaby, I’ve decided to get him on board with a love of music immediately upon entering the world (“see, son, long ago, people used to use these things called ‘seee-deees”…). Here are some of Vampbaby’s favorites that he feels no collection should be without:

Hush – Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin. Immediately following college graduation, I spent a short stint in the “struggling artist” mode, working for an upscale cafe in downtown Boston. Stressed by my lack of money and seemingly darkening future, I’d come home to my roach motel and pop this cd in to unwind while drowning my troubles in a claw-foot tub perfect for bubble baths. Playful takes on classical music and children’s songs, this album is a must for any kid. Not to mention that we should support artists that are as passionate as these two about access to the arts for young people.

Singing in the Bathtub – John Lithgow. Actor, musician, children’s book writer — this guy can do almost anything! We were driving somewhere once (probably waiting for the little one to sooth himself into an automotive-induced nap) when NPR used “The Hippopotamus Song” as a spacer between stories. It was one of the first times I heard my son laugh at a song, and rushed out to buy it immediately. Great swing and jazz music that’s just right for playtime.

Now the Day is Over – Innocence Mission. I’ve loved this band since I was in college — so when they released a benefit cd of lullabies right before Vampbaby was born, it seemed as if fate had stepped in. Soft instrumentation and the beautiful voice of Karen Paris will sooth any baby, and most likely the associated parental units as well. I recommend everything they do highly. You can buy the album from the band directly at:

Carnival – Various Artists. This was collecting dust on a shelf when my son was born. A benefit CD to support Rainforest preservation, it touts childrens song’s and lullabies sung from by a variety of folks. The opening song is a version of “The Waters of Tyne” by Sting. Since the first time we played it, my son has stopped whatever he’s doing, turned his head to the radio, and smiled whenever that song played. A Sting fan in born! Of course, what really makes the record is an a capella version of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” by Tina Turner….

Kids are not required to enjoy these, but they certainly help. Rock on!

Editorial note: I changed the comment options on my blog so that you, fair reader, may feel free to comment even if you are not a registered blogspot member. So go ahead and share your reviews of good music I should share with Vampbaby!


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